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According to statistics, eleven million children a year, 30,000 a day die everyday from preventable or treatable causes, such as disease and poverty.  

Cherished Feet is a recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, which provides footwear to underprivileged families. Our team travels to the poorest parts of developing countries, and in the United States to provide footwear, and offer hope.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 1.2 billion people in the world live in extreme poverty (less than one dollar per day). There are numerous diseases that infect millions of poor people in developing countries, yet we rarely hear about them. A leading cause of disease and infections originate in parasitesMore than 1.5 billion people, or 24% of the world's population are infected with soil-transmitted helminth infections worldwide.   They are found in helminths (a type of parasitic worm), which can penetrate the skin through bare feet. 

Parasites enter the body through the soles of the feet when a person walks barefoot or through ingestion. Impoverished people have few resources; they generally live in poor communities where trash and human waste have made the soil a breeding ground for a variety of deadly organisms. Due to these inconceivable conditions, unfortunate families spend their entire day walking barefoot in landfills.

Everyone must walk wherever they go.  Therefore, it is critical that the  majority of the world's poor obtain the proper footwear. A good pair of shoes would provide aid to these individuals in an already difficult situation. Any kind of footwear would protect those unfortunate against soil parasites, cuts, abrasions and infection. Wearing shoes can help prevent diseases and long-term physical complications and cognitive harm. Footwear will allow deprived families to walk the extra mile where they can obtain food, water, shelter or medical help.

Cherished Feet purpose is to provide impoverished children and families with a first step, path, towards a brighter future.

Do you have footwear that you would like to donate that are in new or excellent condition? Contact us and a Cherished Feet member will pick it up. 

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