Cherished Feet


Karen Koeningsberg

Karen Koeningsberg was born and raised in Woodside (Queens), NY.  She has a bachelor of arts in Psychology with a minor in Political Science from Marymount Manhattan College. Karen served in student government for her school and became politically involved by interning with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer.  Senator Schumer awarded her with the Fellow Leadership Award.  Karen continued to work and collaborate with Presidents and CEOs of several corporations to promote clients, products, and marketing.  She is heavily involved in charitable organizations that help make a difference.  Karen’s inspiration to create Cherished Feet came from her experience as a child traveling with her mother to the poorest parts of developing countries to provide clothing and shoes to abandoned orphans.

Not only does footwear provide hope but it also protects one's health.  Karen decided to follow her mother's footsteps in the effort to try to make a difference. Her goal is increase global awareness by bringing people together. Children are our future and by providing them footwear, we are providing a path, for a brighter future.