Cherished Feet



"We the residents and Staff of Samaritan Village, Inc. Young Mother's Program would like to thank all the volunteers from Cherished Feet.  Although the residents in our facility were a bit shy and cautious at first, they soon opened up to the friendliness and heartfelt love and concern of the Cherished Feet team.  The team provided assistance to our residents with much compassion felt through aiding the women with their children and the selection of shoes for themselves.  Cherished Feet is an amazing organization they put 100% effort into everything they did.  Thank you so much."

Charisse Garrett
Assistant Director of Operations
Samaritan Village Young Mother's Program
New York, NY  


"Third Street Women’s Residence services women who have severe and persistent mental illnesses. At Third Street we service women of all ages and assist them with obtaining proper psychiatric care and permanent housing. Many of our residents here struggle with finding the appropriate clothing for themselves. Cherished Feet brought in 150 pairs of shoes and hosted one of our most successful events. It brought great joy to our entire team at Third Street to see how the work of Cherished Feet brought so many smiles to our clients. Each client was so grateful to Cherished Feet and the work that they do. It was my great pleasure to have worked with them and plan on doing so in the future".

Stephanie Freitas 
Recreational Specialist
Third Street Women’s Residence
New York, NY 


"Cherished Feet goes to the rescue of numerous families in need and we are grateful that you consider us at the Covenant House's Mother and Child program. The girls who were fortunate enough to get a pair of shoes got dressed for job interviews with pride. Thank you and your team for your continued support!"

Renata L. Alexis    
Mother & Child Crisis Center  
New York, NY                                                                                                                                                                                                      


"The Community for Creative Non-Violence (CCNV) is the largest homeless shelter in the Washington, DC metropolitan area servicing over 1300 men and women.  We would like to take this opportunity to graciously thank Cherished Feet for your donations of over 250 pairs of shoes to the residents at CCNV.  We believe that donors like you make a tremendous difference in giving time to let the Community know that someone cares.  Residents of this facility are very grateful that you not only took the time to make sure that the homeless and the poor have the support of the Community-at-large but you truly understand the needs of the homeless.  Because CCNV is self-sustaining we are thankful that we have friends like you (Cherished Feet)  to assist us providing the basic essentials. Your generosity will allow some our residents to look forward to getting back into the mainstream of society with your support.  Again, thank you."

Margaret E. Randall
Executive Administrative Assistant
Community for Creative Non-Violence
Washington, DC 


“Cherished Feet helped over 50 of our neediest members receive shoes that they desperately needed in honor of Father’s Day 2012.  Every member walked out of the room with a smile on their face and happy.  There was one member that needed a size 15 and they went out of their way to later find a pair that would fit him.  I hope they are able to come again next year or even sooner as several of our female members wanted shoes too.”

Russell G. Roten MA, RDT, LCAT
Director - The Other Place GRCC
New York, NY


"On  behalf of the Palladia Homeless Services department,  thank you for selecting our women’ programs to benefit  from the distribution of the shoes. The Cherished Feet team are  wonderful.  It was joy to watch them interact with our women and children. They were patient, understanding and enthusiastic. The kindness and generosity they showed to all of us was  much appreciated.  Most importantly every resident was able to receive a pair of shoes. Thank you  providing  our residents with some joy!!!"

Sharon Dorr
Assistant Vice President
Homeless Services
Palladia, Inc.
New York, NY 


"Covenant House New York is the nation's largest private shelter serving youth. We provide food, clothing, shelter and support services to youth who come to our programs. Our Crisis Center, located in midtown Manhattan, is the only place in the City where a homeless teenager/youth adult (under 21 years of age) can walk in and find immediate care. Karen Koeningsberg, Cherished Feet and all her volunteers have truly blessed our clients within their generous donation and time at the shoe distribution. It meant a tremendous amount to all of us here, especially our kids. On behalf of Covenant House of New York, we want to say Thank You for enabling us to continue with our mission."

Kim Cumberbatch
Mentor Facilitator
Covenant House New York
New York, NY


"I would like to thank Cherished Feet on behalf of Tillary Shelter’s residents. For their wonderful presence, their generosity, and of course - for the amazing variety of shoes they brought for all to try on and adapt."
Dganit Tal-Slor
Program Director
Tillary Shelter
Brooklyn, NY


"I would like to thank Cherished Feet team for coming to New York City Rescue Mission and giving out 85 pairs of men’s and women’s shoes. You brought a lot of joy to the hearts of needy people on that day. Your kindness and warmth was very well received and appreciated by the clients you served. We look forward to having you back in the future."

Rich Callahan
Director of Ministries
New York City Rescue Mission
New York, NY


"The Bowery Mission has set a goal to be the most effective provider of
compassionate care and life transformation for hurting people in New York City.
We are not able to do this alone…

The Bowery has now had the opportunity to serve along with Karen and the
Cherished Feet team on numerous occasions and we look forward to continued
relationship with them. It has brought me great joy to see the team’s desire to
ensure that each and every person who comes for shoes does indeed receive a
pair while being served with love and dignity. The team always takes their time
to meet each person while helping them find the right shoes, this shows that they
truly care about the individuals and their needs. Cherished Feet has taken the act
of distributing shoes and added their great kindness, dedication, and love and it
has made all of the difference!"

Matt Krivich
Director of Operations
The Bowery Mission
New York, NY 


"My Sister’s Place works with survivors of domestic violence. Many of our clients are homeless
and/or have left all their belongings in an effort to escape their abusive circumstances. MSP
regularly tries to assist our families in meeting their basic needs.

Cherished Feet staff was warm and engaging. They appeared genuinely invested in working with
marginalized populations. Our clients were receptive to Cherished Feet's inviting staff. My Sister’s
Place appreciated the shoes and respect given to our families!"

My Sister’s Place
Emergency Services Center
Jani Benitez & Kathy Cornejo
Washington, DC


"Working in the field of Domestic Violence advocacy for the past 8 years I have come in contact with many non-profit agencies. Most recently had the pleasure to meet Karen and her team from Cherished Feet. Cherished feet is an amazing organization who provided shoes to many survivors of Domestic violence. Many of these women and children flee their home with nothing but the clothes on their backs, carrying their children who have been sleeping, in order to get out of the house as quickly and quietly as possibly!! When Cherished Feet called me I was absolutely ecstatic! It was almost like my prayers were answered! Karen and her team of volunteers came to the shelter and was able to provide shoes for everyone!!!! The ladies of Cherished Feet came prepared and helped distribute the shoes always with a smile on their face. It was an amazing experience for all! I absolutely love what Cherished Feet stands for. They have truly made a difference here at Safe Nest and all over the world!"

Lauren Herskowitz
Children's Program Coordinator
Safe Nest
Las Vegas, Nevada


"Cherished Feet is a amazing organization. From the time they first called to set up the event to the time they left they put 100% effort into everything they did. Every Man Woman and Child that came to get shoes that day walked away feeling good about the new shoes they received.

Karen and her team were so sweet and they immediately recruited 2 of our young teens that live here to help them in the distribution. The passion they displayed is what is going to continue to drive this organization, they definitely have the “whatever it takes “attitude.

I am looking forward to Cherished Feet Returning to Union Rescue Mission and on behalf of Union Rescue Mission would like to say Thank You to Cherished Feet for thinking of us as a place to serve."

Alexander Cornejo II
Manager, Volunteer Department
Union Rescue Mission
Los Angeles, CA


"On behalf of the House of Hope Los Angeles, we would like to thank cherished feet for all of there time and efforts into providing the men and women of our program with shoes. They put so many smiles on the faces of the men and women of our program. The most important thing is that they are taking a global initiative to provide men, women and children with clean and comfortable footwear. Thank you once again Cherished Feet."

Dannay McDaniels
Housing Director
House of Hope
Los Angeles, CA


 "The Board of Directors of the Institution Mixte Marty is taking this opportunity to warmly thank you and your staff,
for the distribution of shoes to the children of at our school in January. Shoes were distributed to over 120 children from the Fondation Marty. Haiti has was devastatingly effected by the earthquake. It is a blessing for us and our children to receive shoes that were extremely needed. We
hope that you will be able to assist us in this project again and give hope to those in need. We look foward, to a con-
tinued partnership with you and thank you in advance for your assistance and generosity."
Mary Timmer
Board Member

Port-au-Prince, Haiti